Along the day, we accompany Filomena, who works as a cleaning lady, through six different places.


Arriaga, vindo de uma família de emigrantes de classe média, procura ser aceite pelos jovens do seu bairro. O preço a pagar pelo desejado respeito pode ser mortal. Welket Bungué inspira-se nas lendas de Tupac, Notorious BIG e NAS para este policial sobre a fronteira da marginalidade.

Bela Mandil

Through saline paths, hand in hand, two lovers wander, in “Bela Mandil”.


The word ‘campo’ (field) comes from the Latin ‘capere’ (to capture). On the outskirts of Lisbon, “Campo” shows today’s largest military base in Europe. In this place, military troops train fictional missions, astronomy aficionados observe the stars and a boy plays the piano.

A Minha Avó Trelotótó

«My grandmother had a strength and a love for life so great that led me to believe that some of us are able to escape death and become immortal.» Ruivo’s film is made of many different times and records about a sweet ghost that has left.


After committing a homicide, a man hides in the forest. Ico Costa’s “Alva” was shot in the Portuguese highlands, in 16mm, and it follows Henrique, a solitary man running away from his life and from the world.

You See the Moon

Anjo: Lisbon, another blistering summer, parties, old passions and deep jadedness.

Ordinary Time

In an apartment in Lisbon, Marta takes care of her newborn daughter while convalescing from childbirth. In these first days they receive visits from family and friends. As they get involved in the intimacy of her home they start narrating stories about marriage, childbirth, first jobs, expectations and plans for the future.


In Strange-Map, the director leads us in a personal trip around the eight houses he has lived in and the act of roaming itself.

The Dead

The director remembers several of the his beloved family members who have deceased: The Dead.

Luminous Shadow

Luminous Shadow: a hypnotic reflection on José de Guimarães International Arts Centre past shows.

Mariana’s Late

During a summer vacation, a young couple deals with an unexpected pregnancy in Mariana’s Late.

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories is a tryptic on the representation of the human face, either on a screen or in a canvas.

In a Foreign Country

In a Foreign Country is the “cinematographic transcription” of a Herberto Hélder’scensured text.

Bullet Points for a Revolution

Bullet Points for a Revolution is inspired by Gonçalo M. Tavares’ O Torcicologologista, Excelência, where dance, performance and word games come together.


Fortune tells the tale of people who have disappeared at Arrabida’s natural park.


Via is an experimental animation that crosses roads and veins, cities and neurons.

War of the Worlds

Chaotic animated adaptation of Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds using a trashy collage technique.