Tracing Utopia

A virtual journey through the dreams and desires of a group of queer teenagers from New York, a Generation Z that sees the world with different eyes and with hope for the future. A movie that illustrates the importance, and the power, of finding a community.

Last Days of Emanuel Raposo

Whether we classify it as a mockumentary or a pseudocumental short, this movie is a fun journey through the last days on the job of the presenter of the Azorean television variety program “Meia Hora com Emanuel Raposo”.


A metaphor for the precarious labor conditions experienced by a generation represented through three friends. One of them, surviving on odd jobs to make ends meet, finds Ivo, a friend who seems completely catatonic or sleepwalking. A saga to help him begins.


Hands searching the green moss, feet treading dead and crunchy logs, stones turned in search of hidden treasures, a frog nudged until it runs away. This is Dobra’s visual and aural universe, but the door opens for something darker to enter.

13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

The result of a year-long collaboration between Ana Vaz and two high school students, Vera Amaral and Mário Neto, this is a kaleidoscopic film about what it is to look, to be looked at and about the latent potential of cinema.

Simon Calls

Composed of three chapters and filmed over five years, encompassing different formats, Simon Chama deals with the protagonist’s response to his parents’ divorce and how it shapes his future.

Jack’s Ride

Jack is Joaquim Calçada, a former aircraft mechanic. Before the Carnation Revolution, he emigrated to New York, where he became a taxi driver. He returns, as Carmen Miranda sang, “Americanized”, after twenty years. It’s in Alhandra, Vila Franca de Xira, that, one step away from retirement, he tells stories of his time in the United States and of a journey guided by his survival instinct.


Two older classmates take advantage of a P. E class to try, with younger students, a game that will teach them a lesson: “split up along a field, stay within the lines of your individual territories and see what happens”.

Rock Bottom Riser

Fern Silva’s first feature film is an essay-film produced in Hawaii, which mixes cinematographic genres that range from documentary to animation, as well as themes that touch upon astronomy, geology and ethnography. While exploring what unites human beings with the nature that surrounds them and the cosmos that encloses them, this film also looks at the impact of colonialism on that same island.

Blindman’s Buff

An investigation regarding vulnerability and security, challenge and resistance, as well as the figures that still haunt the city streets.


A documentary that spends time with Marion and Peter, a Dutch couple who lost their farm in the fire that devastated Pedrógão Grande in the summer of 2017. In the aftermath of the catastrophe, they try to rebuild what they can, with the little they have.

Um Quarto na Cidade

A Room in Town is a game of references and a tribute to director Jacques Demy. It’s also an opportunity for the two directors to recall Demy’s A Room in Town (the film’s namesake) and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and the importance these movies had for them.

Granary Squares

In Granary Squares, our perspective is that of the surveillance camera over a new development in King’s Cross, London. Over the course of an hour, we get closer through this lens to a series of everyday moments lived in the square, in a zoom that keeps narrowing down.


A protagonist in limbo, with a precarious work situation, a temporary home location. And a hidden facet of his life that he reveals to few.

Sleep Tight

A delicate film, like a dollhouse, that shows a touching connection between grandmother and grandson and how both function as each other’s safe havens — especially when a naughty character tries to instill some fears in them.

We Won’t Forget

A large house where a daytime party takes place. The camera follows a woman whose malaise begins to bubble to the surface, until a moment of agitation paralyzes the festivities, while being instigated, filmed and contained by the different people present.

Imaginary Dead End

Fábio travels the streets of Mouraria with the tension of someone who has to solve a problem that has no solution. When trying to pay off a debt with a client, forbidden and oppressed feelings rise up. And the problems grow denser.

Echoe of a punch on the bone

A film divided into two moments. First, a dinner provides space for friends to share stories of being an immigrant in Lisbon, ending with Nina regretting her return to her country of origin for a job. Consequently, an unwanted answer to that lament becomes a nightmare.