A man and a child meet under a tree on a river bank, sharing the same memory and a secret. They find in each other the serenity, the silence and the time they lost in the flowing water of the river. The first fiction feature film by André Gil Mata, shot in 16mm film, in Bosnia during the peak of winter.

Self Destructive Boys

Self Destructive Boys is a direct stare into masculine interaction as we follow three boys testing the limits of their sexual flexibility.


Shot entirely in the USA, Sleepwalk portrays a cowboy looking sheriff who will do anything for a special kind of pie.

The Great Attractor

The Great Attractor is a musical assembly of Prelinger archive materials about deep space and infancy.


Russa is a woman who returns to her old Porto neighborhood and still remembers the towers that were demolished.


Paulo works as a night guard in a building site. He lost his daughter in dramatic circumstances and no regret would ever give him a sense of closure. He often sleeps in his lover’s house where he witnesses the repeated transgressions of an unstable neighbor.

Our Madness

A madhouse can be different things at different times: slavery, civil war, a puppet regime. Ernania is a patient at the psychiatric hospital in Maputo. She is able to escape and a journey begins in her search for her husband and son. But when she finds them, they somehow disappear again.

Bostofrio, où le ciel rejoint la terre

In a remote village called Bostofrio, a young filmmaker breaks the law of silence in order to unearth the story of his grandfather. A series of awkward and funny interviews that reveal the secrets and half truths that are the fabric of rural Portugal.

Amor, Avenidas Novas

Manel is on his way back home, alone with a mattress, when he invades a film set and meets Rita and everything makes sense again: Amor, Avenidas Novas.

Amor Amor

Jorge Cramez’s second feature, an adaptation of a Corneille comedy, portrays a group of friends deceiving each other on a New Year’s Eve. The next morning, change comes.


The entire population of Azores is forced to evict due to an uncontrolled plague of hydrangeas, Flores.

Fade into Nothing

A false diary on a man’s journey that, more than just disappear, he aims to be nothing, to become nothing. Musician The Legendary Tigerman and director Pedro Maia travel the California desert in this road movie.

Nyo Vweta Nafta

In Inhambane, several stories get interlaced: Nyo Vweta Nafta.

Num Globo de Neve

The director writes a letter to his late grandmother, in Num Globo de Neve.

Ubi Sunt

A mysterious cartography of Oporto, in Ubi Sunt.