A pilot’s face has been replaced by a turbine and he’s fallen in love with a ceiling fan. What will his wife do to save their marriage?

Walled Unwalled

A performative documentary on the (sound) barrier between public and private spaces.

A Little Break

16-year-old Charlotte meets an engaged young man on vacation, but it’s summer and she is looking for romance.

Take me Please

The boy got dumped, he wants to escape, so he tries to hitchhike. This surrealistic journey reflects his mood swings.

The Flood Is Coming

A forest hermit tries to prepare for a flood, but he becomes distracted by his noisy neighbour.

The Girl With Two Heads

Anne explores body image self perception in two different worlds: that of her traditional family and the gym where she trains.

The Sasha

A story about the human perspective on Earth induced by astronaut Charles Duke’s photographs.

Tombent les heures

A young woman wanders round the town, going from bar to bar, talking about love, drinking and listening to chaâbi music.



Live-streaming has exploded in China. “Present.Perfect.” weaves together more than 800 hours of footage: a diverse range of moments filmed and broadcasted by little-known Chinese live-streaming anchors looking for companionship.

So Pretty

Tonia arrives in New York, she is a German artist trans woman and is preparing an exhibition on the legacy of the writer Ronald M. Schernikau. But her life and that of the queer community she joins has to face of the onslaughts of the far right.


Online players describe their struggles with ‘swatting’, a life-threatening cyber-harassment phenomenon.


A black man joins a car race that will take him to hell.

Operation Jane Walk

A city tour through the architecture of a post-apocalyptic New York city from ‘Tom Clancy’s: The Division’ first person shooter video game.

Past Perfect

In a series of free associations that cross several centuries of History we are asked, what is the place of sadness?

Jessica Forever

In a dystopian future, bloodthirsty youths form a matriarchal family led by Jessica, the only one who has ever given them love and understanding. A first feature that mirrors the duo’s work in the short format (which is this year’s Silvestre Focus).

Life After Love

A shifting in the light of the lot, where parked cars become containers for collective estrangement.

Lost Holiday

Home for the holidays with nothing to do, Margaret and Henry, two old high school friends, get in over their heads when trying to solve a kidnapping. A hilarious road movie propelled by alcohol, drugs, violence and, above all, by the desire to remain young.