Watermelon Juice

In the midst of nature, between tears and watermelon juice, Barbara will heal old wounds and redefine her sexuality.

Words in Your Hair

Two bored extras from the ‘Tristan and Isolde’ opera roam the underground of the Garnier Palace.

Thunder from the Sea

As three 19 years old friends get together, doubt grows over their long-lasting friendship.

The Plagiarist

In a basement, several workers have to identify human emotions to teach an artificial intelligence to read faces. But there is an expression that no one can decode.

The Years

A woman gives voice to a few collected fragments of her life on the shores of Sardinia.

Thou Shalt Not Kill

Cristian, a young surgeon, makes a shocking discovery. For years, the hospital has been buying ineffective biocides. Trying to publicize the affair, Cristian cannot break the wall of indifference. But justice must be served.

Long Way Home

In order to take on a new job at the public sanitation department, Juliana moves to the town of Contagem in Brazil. While waiting for her husband to join her, she meets new people and discovers new horizons, trying to overcome her past.

Oil on Wind

In an island on the south of Spain, a lone man collects olives from a landscape made of water and dry branches.

On the Names of the Goats

An archeologist travels to the Canary Islands’ cave dwellings as part of his quest to discover the remains of the indigenous inhabitants of the island. An essay film, composed of archival footage, on the complex map of power that constructs historical discourse.

Sandoval’s Bullet

Sandoval was near death due to a bullet. When he recovered it was a broken bottle that put him again near the edge.

Dead Princess of Jacui

The archaeologist Margot Moreira arrives in exclusion zone called Central Depression, where the sun never stops shining.

Don’t Work (1968-2018)

Two students in Paris are in a relationship and conduct artistic research together. They become artists in chaotic times. The footage, without dialogue, to the sound of the hypnotic Avia X Orly’s music, combines gestures and world events, 50 years after “May 68”.

Duerrenwaid 8

An animated documentary that fuses stories of a house, a garden and a stream, and also beehives and huts in the forest.


An arsonist confides to us: his life, dreams and imagination reveal his unconscious relationship with fire.

I’m Going Out for Cigarettes

Jonathan, 12 years old, lives with his sister, his mother and also some strange men who nest in closets, drawers, TV set…