Goodbye Jérôme!

Jérôme arrives in Paradise with the sole desire of finding his wife, Maryline. His quest takes him through a space that seems totally surreal to him, but only he has the power to find his direction.

Phantom Project

Pablo still hasn’t fulfilled his dream of being an actor in a film, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to pay the rent. His solution, for now, is to be a “simulated” patient in medical schools, to train future doctors, and in alternative therapy sessions. It’s urgent that he gets out of this rut. When his housemate disappears, leaving a ghost behind, Pablo rolls up his sleeves to take charge of his life.


With the compositional precision of a Wes Anderson, Samir Karahoda shows us a post-war Kosovo and the determination of two table tennis players, with ambitions to contribute to the national representation at the Olympic Games, who struggle with the lack of conditions.

Dog’s Field

A domestic tragedy leaves the animals without their owner and ignites a struggle between the heart and instinct.

Can Gardell

With a fun deadpan humour, the Gardells have to change the way they experience their farm and resort to the possibility of embarking on the world of agricultural tourism.

Are We There Yet

A robotic voice guides us through archival footage accompanying a hypnotic flashback procedure, creating a dream that takes place during surgery.

Meet Doug

In a small town, it’s the municipal stadium that gives an amorphous shape to the community that surrounds it. Among pranks, freestyle raps and a sandwich joint with an illicit business, a mystical figure emerges to upset the lives of those who see it.


An idiosyncratic animation, where a kid gets caught up in his father’s obsession with car racing. The outcome of a competition is in the son’s hands.


As the proverb says, “an exhausted snake has sharp teeth, but blurred vision”. Pedro is an electrician who lives in a remote village until the day a tragic accident occurs. To escape serious trouble, he runs away, but doesn’t go far. The village’s pardon, however, will not be easy to obtain.


A scenario that has repeated itself countless times. Somewhere in Hollywood, a sexual encounter ends with a promise: “I’ll make you a star”. However, the rest of the night absolutely does not go as one would expect.

Ghost Song

“Houston, Texas: oil, sex, alcohol and drugs”. This is the setting for Nicolas Peduzzi’s documentary, which follows Alexandra, Will and Nate as they try to survive in a city that likes to devour dreams, especially those of an ex-gang leader or of a rich boy disowned due to his addiction. In the background, the coming hurricane isn’t a metaphor at all.

The Great Movement

We’re in Bolivia, with Elder, on the way to La Paz, the third largest city in the country. Elder wants to get his job back, but ends up losing his health. Shortness of breath and asphyxiation are the troubles that haunt him and the help he needs may be unorthodox. As he worsens, Mamá Pancha sets him out to find Max, a witch hermit.


In Medusa, Anita Rocha da Silveira’s Brazil is a state dominated by the forces of Christianity and fascism, where a group of young evangelicals function as a force of oppression, attacking any woman they consider “impure” or threatening in the face of the dogma they glorify. But not everything goes without resistance, even within this group of zealots, and Mariana, a young nursing student, begins to question everything she believes in.

Soy Libre

Arnaud, the director’s brother, has always been tempestuous. The adults looked at him as if he was always screwing up and he ended up proving them right, embracing the expectation. For this film, it all started when Arnaud went to a closed educational center and Laure to the Institut Supérieur des Arts. She has been filming her brother ever since. Fifteen years and many difficult moments later, here is a film about, by and with Arnaud.


Franc is awaiting this moment with unyielding enthusiasm. The table has been set neatly, the steak has been marinating and the skillet is ready to turn it into a delicacy. The occasion is Liza’s birthday. A small delay reduces everything to ashes.