Campo à Beira Mar

“Countryside by the Sea” looks at overpopulated beaches through the eyes of comedy and animation.)


Can animals live together without eating each other? )

Moo Moo

Even small dinossaurs should get a haircut.)

Nul poisson où aller

Can people be friends despite wearing different colours and speaking different languages?)

Tant de forêts

A poem by Jacques Prévert tells us about what happens in forests.)

Boneco de Areia

Being a Sandguy is hard when the sea constantly washes away the constructions made along the beach; still there is a solution for everything.


Trampoline is an animated film showing the cinema screen as a trampoline on which people and animals are frolicking. From under the trampoline pad, we watch their capers in amusement, until things take an unexpected turn.


When the Wind is strong and permanent, people adjust to the conditions and life is lived according to its direction, even though one does not know the powers behind it.

O Pequeno Tacho do Anatole

Anatole’s little saucepan follows him around everywhere; it fell on him one day and nobody really knows why. Since then, it gets stuck everywhere and it keeps him from going forward; tired of it he decides to hide so that he won’t see or be seen anymore; but, fortunately, things aren’t so simple.

Adivinha o que Estou a Ver

Mia convinces Ingo to play I spy with my little eye in the kitchen. The game dissolves the kitchen’s reality and melts it into a wild sea adventure.

Alma Eléctrica

Electric Soul offers an electrifying view to a buzzing city.


In Mythopolis legendary characters from the Greek mythology live their lives and solve their problems in today´s world.

Nuvens de Lã

In Punctuwool a shepherd in the sky has his hands full with a curious cloud.