Angel’s Trumpet

It took millions of years of evolution so that long billed hummingbird would be the only animal to be able to reach the core of the plant Angel’s Trumpet and drink the flower’s nectar. What could be the next step in their evolution?


A bat sleeps by day. The little birds sleep at night. For each other, there is always a lot of noise. But what are schedules compared with true friendship?

Bike Bird

Zahra (12) is from Afghanistan, and an asylum seeker in Norway. She has a dream but making it true turns out difficult for her.


After a “minor” operation at the vet, a young cat starts putting on more and more weight. Her owners start calling her “Butterball” instead of her usual name “Bamboo”. She then gets the nickname “Butterboo”!


Mr. Gnome is sunbathing in​ his garden when suddenly a little cloud hides the sun. He is pretty annoyed but fortunately,​ he knows precisely what to do with such clouds​.​


Bigger than life, dressed in a suit and tie, papa appears at the window one evening, with a gift for his son.

Ópera na Peixaria

In a fish shop, once night falls, two soloists interpret with great emotion Verdi’s Traviata offering us a really fancy choreography.

Adam’s Skirt

A young father gives into the whims of his son by allowing him to wear a skirt to school. After getting complaints, him and his ex-wife have to deal with the pre-schooler’s hostile parents.


“Ted” is a bitter-sweet story of a man who grows to realize the value of his childhood memories and his once powerful imagination.

Prince Ki-Ki-Do; Superdo

A strange bird, Superdo, lands in Ki-Ki-Do’s forest: he is dressed up in the style of superheroes and flies with the help of jet-propelled boots.


A slightly naive paradise bird is going out of his way to attract a mate.

Pêra em Queda

Beware of pearfall. It happens suddenly, we need to be prepared.

O Último Dia de Outono

A group of forest animals secretly collects parts from abandoned bicycles, with the intention of making vehicles adapted to their size. They are preparing for a great race!