Warm Star

The starry sky owes its charming aspect to the work of a dedicated owl who spends his nights cleaning and grooming these celestial beings. In the middle of this hustle and bustle, he accidentally drops a star. It is found by children, on Earth, who become attached to it.

Rainy Day

A man-whale working at a kiosk, on a rainy day. Around him, everyone runs away or opens their umbrella. But for him, it will be a homecoming. A moment of ecstasy and change.

Louis’ shoes

Louis’ shoes are more than just shoes. They are a way of seeing the world in an orderly fashion and of giving meaning to what he doesn’t understand or sees differently. This is a film that gives space to the story of a boy with autism, where small gestures mean a lot.

Hello Monsieur

Monsieur is a dog. But a dog that nobody sees. Only his owner. His owner and a boy who usually greets him in the park. When Monsieur disappears … how are they going to find him?

Hello World !

“What happened? – “You were just born”. “And where did I come from?” – “From an egg”. “And before that?” – “From a bird”. “And before that?”
For several brand new, just-hatched animals of different species – such as the owl, the turtle, the salamander or the beaver – the world is a fresh and mysterious place, with all its magic and danger, ready to be discovered.

Anna and Manon go to the Sea

Anna and Manon have plans for after the summer camp. Specific plans to visit an aunt and imagined plans to live in a cave on the beach, never having to be apart. But when the imagined plans seem to become the real ones, their friendship is tested.

July 96

July is the month of Sophie’s beach vacation, with her mother and cousin. The mere three years that separate Sophie’s 11 and the cousin’s 14 years old lead to new experiences, with less playtime and castles in the sand.