My Life in Versailles

One day, Violette, an eight-year-old Parisian girl loses her parents. Her uncle Régis, who works at the Palace of Versailles, takes her to live with him. These are tough times, she misses her home, but with the help of an unexpected friend, everything will be ok.

The Little Bird and the Bees

It is springtime. The little bird is taking care of the first leaves on the tree. Then the blossoms open up one by one, and the bees come buzzing along. Awakened by the sweet taste of nectar, the little bird follows them over the flower meadow.

Northern Lights

Since his parents died, Colin has been living with his grandfather, Karl. When Karl leaves to hunt a narwhal, Colin becomes a clandestine passenger in his grandfather’s house-sled. He must overcome his fears and learn the secrets of the Great North.


It is still raining and Noah’s Ark must soon leave. But the kiwi bird and the chameleon aren’t on the passenger list. The two friends decide to travel as stowaways. What happens when they are discovered?

The Concrete Jungle

Sometimes it seems nothing interesting happens at our home, but suddenly, when we least expect, the adventure begins.

The Kindergarten Show

In the theatre, an owl headmaster prepares his kindergartners for the end of year show. Unfortunately for him, many unexpected events will happen before the curtain goes up and the show won’t go as planned.

Papá a Passos Largos

When we are in a hurry it seems that everything is slower. This afternoon Mathieu’s father is picking him up at the nursery school. But what if his old green car doesn’t start?

Prince Ki-Ki-Do: On The Run

The small chick called Prince Ki-Ki-Do lives on top of a stone tower in a dark forest. He’s as small as Calimero but as strong as Hercules. When the forest is in trouble, there he goes to help, with his two companions, tiger mosquitoes Tine and Bine.

Pumpers Paradise

If the world was just a question of having muscles and being fit, we needed to use our imagination to be able to train in all our daily activities.