What will a brush do when it feels the bristles drying? Everything it can to save them, otherwise how will it be able to paint again?

A Day Out

A trip to the countryside could not be a better plan for a romantic getaway. Just the couple, their bikes and a whole day to enjoy. Except when a storm comes and everything turns into a disaster. The only chance is to face it all together.

Be Big

It’s not easy being a tiny monster in a classroom full of huge classmates. Geomdaeng finds it difficult to even be seen or heard, let alone given proper attention. How can he become what he isn’t: big?

The Fantastic Flying Competition

If you’re a bird, you can’t miss the most important competition for flying beings there is. But the teams won’t play fair and it will take a lot of care to figure out who the real winner is.

Le dernier jour de l’automne

A group of forest animals secretly collect parts from abandoned bicycles, with the intention of making vehicles adapted to their size. They are preparing for a great race!

About a Mother

This story is about a mother who has given so much that it looks like she has nothing left… but life opens up new opportunities.


An adorable little husky that is the very spirit of the Alaskan Peninsula, with a shadow that is no shadow but actual Northern Lights. Now all he needs is a friend.

Luce and the Rock

A circular village begins its day as usual and Luce soon starts playing, adding small stones to her collection. Behold, an unexpected guest arrives and is not very well received: a huge rock that blocks all doors. But is it just a stone, or something else?