Beast Land

Beast Land is an ode to the donkey, probably the only nihilist animal.

Childhood, Boyhood, Youth

At the National Conservatory Dance School, kids dream of becoming dancers. This is a space where skills and passions are put to the test in three fundamental moments: the selection, the end of the 9th grade when a decision has to be made and, finally, the stage premiere.

Closing Eyes

Laura and Octavio intend to turn a dinner into a romantic date, but they are interrupted by a commotion outside: Closing Eyes.

Fled. Lay. Fell.

A young woman talks about her dysfunctional family in Fled. Lay. Fell..


In SHE.TEMA.OHA, a 14-year-old girl spends her days collecting cans throughout Tallinn, but an encounter with a woman changes everything.


InFauna, people believe that there is a large white boar which no one can hunt.


What Maríla has done cannot be undone, there is only room for regret, endless persecution and, perhaps, redemption: Fidalga.

Lenta Combustão

Male bonding, broken relations and high displacement engines.

Moon Europa

Throughout the polar night, the north feels removed from all human life, uninhabitable, just like the moon. And yet, it is home to people born in faraway lands. What has brought them here? What keeps them here?


A master’s degree celebration gets spoiled by an old strife.

O Meu Pijama

One of two twin sisters discovers sexuality before the other.

Anda Até Mim

Through hair, curves and red, a girl has a journey of self-discovery.

Laranja Amarelo

Tiago and Sofia haven’t seen each other for more than two years.


A house holds traces of Portuguese emigration in Zimbabwe.

Ferro Sangue

In the hottest day of the year a man enters a spiral of violence and despair.