The relationship between a mother and her son, living on a sailboat, is disturbed by the arrival at the harbor of a group of young people, partying on the adjacent vessel. The mother realizes that her child sees in them a promise of a adolescence he never had.


A woman lives in a small village, a remote place where time stands still. Between mourning and loneliness, she wanders through uninhabited spaces.

Tu. Tu. Tu.

Studying away from home and what thoughts may be behind it.


“Ocupa” is inspired by the Dada movement and by non-sense and it is in favor of the absurd, incoherence, disorder and chaos.


Marco is a 16 year-old boy who plays tennis daily as a way of escaping his father’s depression. He finds his routine is cracked by the presence of Rita.


Eloisa invites friends over, with the aim of introducing them to Alexander.


Catarina’s body abandons her head, interrupting a dance of affection between body and mind.


Somewhere on the outskirts of Tokyo, whenever the days are as long as the nights, love loses yet another battle.

Estas Mãos São Minhas

The director (together with his photographic camera) accompanies his grandmother, for the first time, to the balls she has been attending every Sunday in the past 19 years.

The Weight of the Days

The weight of the days, the wear and tear of time, the accumulation of pains and colors.

Life Out There Has it Been Seen?

Life Out There Has it Been Seen?seeks to reflect on the former mining area of São Domingos, proposing new uses of that complex.

Gas Flower

Zé Pedro, aged 15, lives with his ill mother and his older sister doesn’t help: Gas Flower.

Beast Land

Beast Land is an ode to the donkey, probably the only nihilist animal.

Childhood, Boyhood, Youth

At the National Conservatory Dance School, kids dream of becoming dancers. This is a space where skills and passions are put to the test in three fundamental moments: the selection, the end of the 9th grade when a decision has to be made and, finally, the stage premiere.

Closing Eyes

Laura and Octavio intend to turn a dinner into a romantic date, but they are interrupted by a commotion outside: Closing Eyes.

Fled. Lay. Fell.

A young woman talks about her dysfunctional family in Fled. Lay. Fell..


In SHE.TEMA.OHA, a 14-year-old girl spends her days collecting cans throughout Tallinn, but an encounter with a woman changes everything.