Broto a Broto

In the midst of a particularly sparkling Mother Nature, there are specters that wander, keeping forgotten rituals alive.

To Die By the River

News arrives from the doctor regarding a back ache and Celeste’s mundane and lonely life is shaken.

Woman of My People

We go down to Vale do Ave to learn about the stories of its women — especially that of the director’s grandmother — and their connection to the textile factories, before the end of the Portuguese dictatorship.

Natural Disasters

With skillful threads, natural disasters are sewn alongside very human disasters. Humor, death, fear are the keys to this composition.

On the Run

Five friends leave for an adventurous vacation on the Alentejo coast. But their path leads them close to someone Rita longs for but fears to meet again.


Several dates arranged through dating apps, in Buenos Aires, turned into an animated comics. Several women in search of tenderness, love and sex—with varying degrees of success, but always with humour.


Sónia is a Portuguese badminton player contemplating attending the Olympic Games. But the pandemic isn’t the only surprising event that changes her plans.

Case History

It is through an exploration of home movies that the director revisits his childhood, through a lens that questions gender identity, without recognizing who he was.

Goodbye, Beach

The beach of our childhood as a refuge for when things change. Laura tries to return to where she was once happy, but she needs to create a new home for herself.


A couple watch two friends on their way to a party.


When her friends challenge her, Iara accepts the provocation, but finds herself in a more uncomfortable position than she anticipated.

Party Tattoos

A documentary in the first-person – composed of narration and archival footage – that focuses on the celebration of past birthdays as the narrator, now grown, wonders who she was and who she is.


A camera that wanders the urban streets at night, giving an alien quality to the territory that is shown to us. A performance that can be both dance or bodybuilding. A world of futuristic weapons and painted faces. This is Noctur.


With an introduction that seems inspired by the most daring Apatow-ian moments, it is a film that evokes, at the same time, a place – its namesake –, the people who live in it, but, above all, an adolescent moment between innocence and what will come in the future.

depth wish

The search for a spot where you can feel the freedom of escape. The sea, and the beings that inhabit it, can be that place.

If what I hear is silence

At the end of a long road trip in Greece, words disappear. A mother, a daughter, a
friend, and the silence between them. The film catch them precisely when the silence replaces their own words. The three passengers reach their final destination.

Fruto do Vosso Ventre

An analysis of the director’s relationship with his father and the reasons why he distanced himself from the house he grew up in. Sometimes you have to grow faster.