Party Tattoos

A documentary in the first-person – composed of narration and archival footage – that focuses on the celebration of past birthdays as the narrator, now grown, wonders who she was and who she is.


A camera that wanders the urban streets at night, giving an alien quality to the territory that is shown to us. A performance that can be both dance or bodybuilding. A world of futuristic weapons and painted faces. This is Noctur.


With an introduction that seems inspired by the most daring Apatow-ian moments, it is a film that evokes, at the same time, a place – its namesake –, the people who live in it, but, above all, an adolescent moment between innocence and what will come in the future.

depth wish

The search for a spot where you can feel the freedom of escape. The sea, and the beings that inhabit it, can be that place.

If what I hear is silence

At the end of a long road trip in Greece, words disappear. A mother, a daughter, a
friend, and the silence between them. The film catch them precisely when the silence replaces their own words. The three passengers reach their final destination.

Fruto do Vosso Ventre

An analysis of the director’s relationship with his father and the reasons why he distanced himself from the house he grew up in. Sometimes you have to grow faster.


Rafa senses an eminent farewell, remembering bygone places, encounters and fleeting connections.

Hunting Day

Every Saturday, this hunter sets out to find prey. The tradition is interrupted by a novelty: he finds a prey that he has never encountered before. Not wanting to leave him behind, he brings him home, which is immediately invaded by the chaos of the new companion.

Late in the Evening

He comes home in tears. She cooks dinner disregarding the distance that has permeated their existence. But they aren’t ready to give up on trying to bridge it. Perhaps they can meet halfway.


An animation that shows how a Being, indistinct but colorful, left a well to start a journey without a perceivable destination. The scenarios change and the plot thickens.

A Triad of Paper Horns

A film that combines archival, digital and 16mm images to build a journey around rituals, erotic dreams, and the sound of paper being molded.

Blue and Silver

A film that is the culmination of seven years of filming, with intimate and abstract images, that captures the details and the big picture. The de- and re-contextualization of these images creates a symphony.

Siesta Club

Adolescence is a moment in limbo, somewhere between childhood and adulthood, always on the threshold of something: the end of classes, the end of summer, the beginning of the rest of your life. While we wait, we kill time, we meet someone, we throw a party.

The Skid

A crisis triggers images of the present that talk about the past and images from the past that talk about the present: stories repeat themselves in “The Skid”.

The House and the Dogs

For five years, seven friends filmed their lives, together and apart. They were colleagues in film school, but time carried them through different paths. “The House and the Dogs” comes from revisiting their extensive archive composed by multiple cameras and gazes.

Night Tale

An elderly couple has to leave their home and property behind to start a new life near their daughter.

Days Like This

“Days Like This” is an autobiographical animation based on the routines that emerge when living in a big city: feminism, veganism, capitalism and solitude.

André’s Arm

André’s dream is to participate in the Olympic Games, in the table tennis competition. When he realizes that he will never succeed, he decides to do something unusual.