The Skid

A crisis triggers images of the present that talk about the past and images from the past that talk about the present: stories repeat themselves in “The Skid”.

The House and the Dogs

For five years, seven friends filmed their lives, together and apart. They were colleagues in film school, but time carried them through different paths. “The House and the Dogs” comes from revisiting their extensive archive composed by multiple cameras and gazes.

Night Tale

An elderly couple has to leave their home and property behind to start a new life near their daughter.

Days Like This

“Days Like This” is an autobiographical animation based on the routines that emerge when living in a big city: feminism, veganism, capitalism and solitude.

André’s Arm

André’s dream is to participate in the Olympic Games, in the table tennis competition. When he realizes that he will never succeed, he decides to do something unusual.


The relationship between a mother and her son, living on a sailboat, is disturbed by the arrival at the harbor of a group of young people, partying on the adjacent vessel. The mother realizes that her child sees in them a promise of a adolescence he never had.


A woman lives in a small village, a remote place where time stands still. Between mourning and loneliness, she wanders through uninhabited spaces.

Tu. Tu. Tu.

Studying away from home and what thoughts may be behind it.


“Ocupa” is inspired by the Dada movement and by non-sense and it is in favor of the absurd, incoherence, disorder and chaos.


Marco is a 16 year-old boy who plays tennis daily as a way of escaping his father’s depression. He finds his routine is cracked by the presence of Rita.


Eloisa invites friends over, with the aim of introducing them to Alexander.


Catarina’s body abandons her head, interrupting a dance of affection between body and mind.


Somewhere on the outskirts of Tokyo, whenever the days are as long as the nights, love loses yet another battle.

Estas Mãos São Minhas

The director (together with his photographic camera) accompanies his grandmother, for the first time, to the balls she has been attending every Sunday in the past 19 years.

The Weight of the Days

The weight of the days, the wear and tear of time, the accumulation of pains and colors.

Life Out There Has it Been Seen?

Life Out There Has it Been Seen?seeks to reflect on the former mining area of São Domingos, proposing new uses of that complex.

Gas Flower

Zé Pedro, aged 15, lives with his ill mother and his older sister doesn’t help: Gas Flower.