The Fall

In this short film, commissioned by BBC Films, Jonathan Glazer (Under the Skin) films a masked mob that pursues and punishes a masked man. Social critique, inspired by Goya’s painting, El sueño de la razón produce monstruos.

The Other Lamb

We are inside a very peculiar community. A man, known as the Shepherd, and his flock, composed of a group of women of different ages that follow, adore and work for him. Resembling works such as The Handmade’s Tale (Bruce Miller) or The Village (M. Night Shyamalan), the Polish director Malgorzata Szumowska reflects about the rituals separated from civilization, and above all on the logic of the masculine domination over the feminine.

The Cremator

Few films show so well the mentality and the social paranoia that led to Nazism, as this Juraj Herz’s masterpiece, which was banned for two decades in Czechoslovakia after its initial release. At the end of the thirties, we follow the life of Mr Kopfrkingl, a happily married man with two children, who works at the Prague’s crematorium.  The presence of death and the germen of discrimination will contaminate his daily life. Digital restorated copy.

The Fall

Nesta curta comissariada pela BBC Films, Jonathan Glazer (Under the Skin) filma uma multidão de mascarados que persegue e pune um homem de máscara. Crítica social, inspirada pelo quadro de Goya, El sueño de la razón produce monstruos.



Barry might have hammered his granny to death. Now he needs a little help from his ex-girlfriend. Love is shown in the details.


A businessman has to face the difficult moments after the death of his father. Inner demons, non-resolved emotions, deserted spaces.

Something Doesn’t Feel Right

Sometimes people are unfair and don’t value the hours of dedication and effort a serial killer deposits in his work. Another annoying thing are the victims that don’t know how to behave.

The Twentieth Century

Matthew Rankin’s first feature film is a truly wonderful camp bizarrerie. Sets that call for German expressionism, 80’s television aesthetics and the influences of artists like Guy Maddin, John Waters or even the first works of Peter Jackson. The target: Canadian’s modes and history. This funny pseudo biopic imagines the first formative years of the former Prime Minister of the country, William King, the politician and the naïve boy.


There is nothing like being cosy at our home. Not always. A young couple was looking for the perfect home. And it seemed they had found it. But then suddenly they realised they were trapped inside the new labyrinth-like neighbourhood, composed of equally perfect houses. This science fiction thriller film, staring Imogen Poots and Jesse Eisenberg, is a reflection about what it really means to have your dream home and build a family. 

Bad Hair

Poor Leo. He knows the idea that women prefer bald men is not completely true. But salvation is coming his way: a marvel and mysterious hair-growth liquid.


This is some sort of a love triangle between a man, a woman and a meat grinder. Or as sometimes love can be messy.

Greener Grass

Ahh… the American suburbs with all its strange rituals. DeBoer and Luebbe – screenwriters, directors and actresses in the film – crafted this world inhabited by fierce soccer moms, adults wearing braces, matching pink and blue outfits, baby exchanges, little dogs and babies, golf carts and football matches. In this delicious dark comedy in cheerful colours, it is as if David Lynch mated with Wes Anderson to give birth to this film.


Quando faz muito calor a melhor coisa a fazer é entrar numa gelataria e pedir um geladinho. Mas há pessoas com olhares bem escaldantes.


Hot and Tasty

Who could say they never started to dream about food at the end of a boozing night out? And the greasier the better, right? Laura Hodkin’s graduation film is about one of those nights when the first crime is a nutritional one. 

No, I Don’t Want to Dance!

Dance is a creative and healthy way of expressing yourself through the body. Or maybe not. Vinciguerra’s delicious animation shows dance as a daily danger. There are moments where one should say: “no, I don’t want to dance!” 

Danny’s Girl

There comes the day when our online love has to turn offline. That happened to Danny that met his virtual girlfriend for the first time and things didn’t come out quite as he expected. 


After Pontypool or This Movie Is Broken (IndieLisboa 2011), the dystopian humour and the violent coolness of Bruce McDonald are back. In this dreamland, modern vampires are face to face with jazz legends, and pinkie fingers are a “good” almost as precious as innocent girls for wild wedding parties. The genius Stephen McHattie, backed by Juliette Lewis and Henry Rollins, are the actors in this bloody modern fairy-tale.