An Icelandic vampire film centered on Hjörtur, an insolent 1,000-year-old gay vampire who meets Hulda, a millennial drug addict who tries to find out who killed her brother (a crime for which she was initially arrested). In this Nordic noir, together they end up having a connection, while facing enemies on several fronts — from a cult that anticipates the end of the world to a detective who decides to do justice alone.


Charlotte is pregnant and just wanted to leave the English countryside with her boyfriend Ben and fulfill the dream of a new start in Australia. Unfortunately, this will not be possible. Charlotte finds herself in the clutches of Ben’s mother, Margaret (Fiona Shaw, from Harry Potter and Killing Eve), and her stepson, who promise to look after her until their baby is born — an heir to the property where they live. But what will happen next?


Joe Kerry (the nice guy from the popular Stranger Things tv show) is Kurt Kunkle, a driver obsessed with the idea that if you’re not documenting yourself, you don’t exist. In an attempt to become a viral hit, he films himself killing passengers. Told in the first person, it is a hybrid between comedy and horror, with a message of caution when it comes to social media.

A Bay of Blood

A classic of 70s Italian horror that celebrates 50 years since its premiere. The plot begins when the wealthy and wheelchair-bound Countess Federica Donati is killed in the middle of the night. Her mansion, overlooking the eponymous bay, will be the object of desire for many people, illegitimate children included. But the deaths don’t seem to stop.

A Stranger from the Past

Six tense minutes in which a car mechanic opens a Pandora-hood that reveals something primordial that haunts him.

Bobby Pinwheel

Bobby Pinwheel is the worst clown you could invite to any birthday party. Poor Reginald, who just wanted to celebrate his birthday.


A cataclysmic event and the only possible three survivors are impatient to take off the helmets that protect them. How soon will they be safe to do so?

Wood Child and Hidden Forest Mother

A hunter wanders through the forest and shoots at a strange creature. It is just the beginning of a hallucinatory fable that exposes a surreal world.

You’re Dead, Helene

Hélène is dead, but she still haunts her boyfriend. Despite the love that still binds them, the situation is clearly untenable. Hélène will have to accept the circumstances, but not without a final gesture.


A bodybuilder and his inner monologue take on a bizarre dimension when exploring his relationship with his body — he loves himself, he loves himself not?


Richie is a college student who has stopped attending classes. Maybe he is bored, maybe he is depressed, but his time is all spent at home. In the midst of his loneliness, he enjoys taking boogers out of his nose and flicking them. Until one doesn’t come off his finger.

Rendang of Death

Two friends — and the rest of the entire restaurant — have just eaten the best rendang ever and want seconds. But the most feared words come out of the waiter’s mouth: “We’re out”. One last, single piece remains and they are all prepared to fight for it.

MeTube 3: August sings „Una furtiva lagrima“

The third chapter of a series of short films marked by their humor and love of opera. In this last, and ostentatious, adventure to the sound of Una furtiva lagrima, August will have to make a decision and Elfi will bear the consequences.

50 (or Two whales meet at the Beach)

Felix meets Elisa. But what could be the initial meet cute of a romantic comedy or melodrama is instead the not so cute invitation to play a dangerous game with 50 challenges that end in suicide. The couple will enter the competition together until death tears them apart.

Wine Wenches

Several bottles of wine later, three girls roll out of a car and into a nightclub.