Jack’s girlfriend wakes up angry. Jack pretends not to notice until she leaves the house. It’s all a ruse because he has a surprise planned for her. Let’s see what it is.

Baby Boom

Runar’s life doesn’t seem to be developing in an auspicious way until the moment he swipes right on a beautiful creature from outer space that wants to impregnate him.

Coffin Homes

The satire couldn’t be clearer about Hong Kong’s housing problems, its high prices and the conditions it puts those without means. Hence the “coffin houses” that give its name to this black comedy, which winks at the insufficiency of square meters, as well as at this fictional predicament regarding people who assent to live in haunted houses. Full of exacerbated violence, an anthological film with several stories to tell.


Jack is about to meet the love of his life, here starring Rose Byrne (Bridesmaids, Bad Neighbours). Everything seems to be going well when it ends well… and we’ll leave it at that.


An animation that expresses, through organic lines and a remarkable visual expressiveness, an aggression and a frustration that break the limits of the physical.


A film that starts by quoting something that every parent, in the history of the world, will have said or thought: it’s all fun and games, until someone loses an eye.

Night of the Living Dicks

There’s no room for subtle metaphors when you can be so blissfully direct. A tribute film to other classics, including John Carpenter’s They Live, about misogyny and gender dynamics. It all starts when Venla discovers a pair of glasses with very special characteristics.


After bringing us Bobby Pinwheel last year, Robert Kleinschmidt is back with his eccentric stop motion adventures. This animated festival deals with topics such as isolation, alcoholism and rotting teeth. Classic Kleinschmidt.

Sucking Diesel

An attempted robbery and a misunderstanding. After a quiet night, Marion wasn’t expecting her shift to end like this.


A horror film director with an addiction problem receives a mysterious package from Pedro, his ex-girlfriend’s cousin, who sends him an audio cassette, a roll of film and a key to his apartment. Both have a passion for cinema, but Pedro is paranoid with the idea of it being the end of him. Newly restored 4K copy screening for the first time in Portugal.

She Will

With Dario Argento as executive producer, this film brings together actors such as Rupert Everett and Malcolm McDowell, with Alice Krige in the lead role. Veronica Ghent leaves for an atmospheric Scotland to recover from a double mastectomy. A film about revenge, but with a dose of nasty humor. Are scars evidence of past trauma or indicative of its subsequent healing?


Amélie, Bintou and Morjana are enjoying their summer holidays and entertaining themselves with scary stories and urban legends. When Amélie has a violent encounter with her ex-boyfriend, the memory of an avenging demon prompts her to summon Aicha Kandisha. However, once summoned, this macabre figure demands the lives of six men — and it’s up to these friends to find a solution to the curse.

Holy Emy

Strange bleeds and healing powers. Here are the ingredients of a family of Filipino women in Greece. Emy and Teresa’s mother returned to the archipelago while the daughters stayed in Athens, supported by the Catholic and Filipino community that welcomed them. When Teresa becomes pregnant, Emy must deal with her family’s connection to mysterious forces. Is it religion, mysticism or magic?

Flux Gourmet

What is sonic cooking? The type of art practiced in this story, glued with pastiche and dead-pan humour, which takes place in a house in the bucolic English countryside, in a residence where artists work extracting different and disturbing sounds from various foods. But the productivity of the stay will be threatened by an art collective that is jealous and ready for revenge.

Strawberry Mansion

A lifetime of dreams stored on VHS cassettes. It’s time for an audit, because in this dystopian world not even our dreams are free from the monster of capitalism. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a bit of hope, and a possibility of escape, hidden somewhere in an oneiric landscape. When government agent James Preble (Kentucker Audley) meets artist Arabella “Bella” Isadora (Penny Fuller), that’s exactly what happens: when you open the door to the dream world, a thousand possibilities open up.

Mosquito State

Filip Jan Rymsza, who produced The Other Side of the Wind (2018) and Hopper/Welles (2020), wanted to explore the mosquito, considering it humankind’s greatest enemy. The narrative of the film unfolds in August 2007, in a luxurious apartment overlooking New York’s Central Park, where Richard Boca (himself a Wall Street “mosquito”) becomes tormented by creepy occurrences and hordes of those vampiric insects.

The Thing That Ate The Birds

Abel is a gamekeeper, patrolling and safeguarding the animals. But his marriage is something he hasn’t taken care of. The two facets of his life collide when his mercilessness brings something back to his home that should never have entered it.

She Dies Tomorrow

A film that combines psychological horror with absurd humor. In this film, Amy is a girl who has just bought a house, but is fully convinced that she will die the next day. This is an idea that passes to her friend Jane, after she visits her, and who, in turn, infects other people with the same ominous thought.