PLOT – Professional Script Lab

PLOT is a professional script development lab, promoted in a partnership between Squatter Factory and IndieLisboa and the support of ICA – Portuguese Film Institute, where filmmakers from all over the world have the chance to broaden their narrative skills and enhance their creative voice. The 2021 edition will have the mentorship of producer Ada Solomon, script consultant Anna Ciennik, Brazilian filmmaker Marcelo Gomes, film editor Affonso Gonçalves and industry consultant Marika Kozlovska.

Selected projects

  • Lesser Evil by Sebastião Salgado (Portugal)
  • Seiva by Adriana Martins da Silva and Pedro Martins (Portugal)
  • Contemporary Road by Alessia Chiesa (Argentina)
  • Under The Sun by Ana do Carmo (Brazil)
  • Revolution of the Muses by María Lorente, Yaiza de Lamo and Juno Álvarez (Spain)
  • Mother of Gold by Madiano Marchetti (Brazil)

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