Tuesday From 8 to 6

Cecilia de Arce

IndieLisboa 2020 •

France, Fiction, 2019, 26′

Névine is a secondary school monitor that likes her thankless job. She has to deal with teachers, administration and students. Logan, a pupil she is fond of, wants to get a cap back from lost and found. This will bring unexpected consequences.

The organized chaos of a school shapes the professional daily life of Névine, a young monitor whose priority is to help the students, not control them. When Logan, one of the most restless teenagers, finds himself involved in a disagreement, both will realize how unfit the school system is to meet the individualities of its students. Tuesday From 8 to 6 is a film of infinite sweetness, endearing humor, and a meticulous understanding of the school ecosystem, able to throw us all back into the chairs of the classroom. (Ana David)