The Memory Atlas

Domenico Centrone

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Documentary, Videoart/Installation, 2019, 10′

From 1922 to 1924, the German art historian Aby Warburg was committed to a psychiatric asylum in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. Using his writings and clinic reports from that period, this is a journey through his mind, between madness and genius.
Small film for the giant Aby Warbourg, a compelling author of the Mnemosyne museum. The persistent memory visits tragic elements of the life of the art historian, in the first person. Journals and clinical data complete the biography of an iconic designer. A huge exhibition wall grows and recedes in a progressive immersive distance; figuration of the movement of time, image, sound. Evocative and testimonial moment of Warbourg’s madness, which makes us complicit in the face of this insatiable creator. (Carlota Gonçalves)