The Bite

Pedro Neves Marques

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Brazil, Portugal, Fiction, 2019, 26′

In a laboratory, male mosquitoes are modified in order to transmit a lethal gene to the females. A man, a woman and a woman transgender live in a polyamorous relationship. Against the epidemic of the reactionary, the autonomy of intimacy and reproduction.

In times of epidemics that spread through mosquitoes, laboratories are genetically modifying these insects to contain their spread. In the background there are reports of cities occupied by military personnel who, in a display of strength, declare war on the enemy. Meanwhile, love persists and reproduces itself in logics that seem to contradict the binary thinking applied to nature. In a scenario of quasi-science fiction, we cross an unreal universe where music works together with the characters in the construction of the drama. (Margarida Moz)