Isabel Pagliai

IndieLisboa 2020 •

France, Documentary, 2020, 43′

Summer is hot. By the lake Mia, 11-years-old, asks Hugo, a veteran 15-year-old boy, about his love story with Chaïnes. The language of childhood and its memories around questions of love, touch, torment, kisses…

The universe of children and adolescents has been a recurring theme in Isabel Pagliai’s cinema. But unlike the traditional way of dealing with the theme, Pagliai subverts it and makes teenagers say what they think, in a very realistic way. In this world of which not much is known, behaviors become adult and it is suggested that perhaps it is in the middle, between naivete and perversity, that most adolescents find themselves. Medium length film, this documentary-fiction carries the time like a burden and densifies it. (Miguel Valverde)