João Fazenda

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Portugal, Animation, 2020, 7′

A large group of people gather around a table for a meal. It is not clear whether they are family or friends. Food is served under a
noisy, atmosphere. Throughout the meal we discovered the various figures of the group, listened to their conversations and we can guess the connections between them. Toasts are made and congratulations are sung. At some point there are already those who sleep, who read, who date. The environment is increasingly fragmented. In the end there is only dirty dishes and silence.

Being at the table is a necessity for many. But describing a lifetime through a table is far more complicated. Fazenda, best known for his work in illustration, shows that it is possible to do it vigorously. Without dialogues and with a minimal chromatic quality, the film bets on Philippe Lenzini’s sound design, creating atmospheres to pay attention to the multiple stories brought about by the animation of Fazenda and that accumulate around this “Table”. (Miguel Valverde)