Spring Breakers

Harmony Korine

IndieLisboa 2013 •

EUA, Fiction, 2012, 92′

15 years ago, in an interview with David Letterman, Korine said, about Gummo and his filmmaking, that what he liked to see in films was “pictures coming from all sides.” A tradition to which he remained faithful and which explodes in the foreground of Spring Breakers, a bath of skin and color as electrifying as the music by Skrillex. And that’s not the only reason why Harmony Korine is the master of unlikely combinations. In the hands of this director, all teenagers are strange beings with a strong attraction to the abyss. What is further puzzling here is that Korine has grabbed three pop stars of the juvenile television universe and turned them into mercenarys at James Franco’s will, in a brilliant cliché of the hyper-seductive drug dealer. When going for a spring break, may it be epic. (M. M.)