Somewhere in Outer Space This Might Be Happening Somehow

Paulo Malafaya

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Portugal, Documentary, 2019, 17′

Inspired by the diaristic cinema of Jonas Mekas, Malafaya organises the videos he’s been shooting for the past year and half of his life. A visual poem between the nostalgia of beauty and the hunt for images, between boredom and dancing.

Paulo Malafaya made this film in the school context of his course at Soares dos Reis Art School in Porto, opening a portal to a curious question: what will the director do next, since at such a young age he already manouvres the experimental, essayistic and diaristic language? Influenced by Jonas Mekas and Lukas Moodysson, this is a 17-minute flight that recounts one year and a half, using a hand-held camera and a montage that question and observe, that reposition concepts and offer the vision of a personal solar system. (Mafalda Melo)