Raquel Castro

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Portugal, Documentary, 2020, 71′

We are surrounded by all kinds of sounds, but how far are we conscious about them?  The director and investigator Raquel Castro has been working with the concept of sound landscape. And in particular the way sounds, silences, noises, frequencies and all spectral densities – infra or ultrasounds – can shape each place and all of us. This is also a film essay about citizenship, ecology, and the responsibility we have for the sounds we produce.

Imagine a world without sound. Imagine at least that, as in our world, it was not the momentary absence of sound that defined it. This is how SOA challenges us: the ubiquity of sound, from the simplest human activity today to the oldest proof of the existence of life. After all, if God dictated let there be light, the sound of His voice would have preceded it. SOA is a journey of questioning about the heterogeneity of sound and, along with the geography of human complexity, about its itinerancies – and our ability to listen to it. (Filipa Henriques)