Rúben Gonçalves

IndieLisboa 2021 •

Portugal, Fiction, 2021, 34′

A protagonist in limbo, with a precarious work situation, a temporary home location. And a hidden facet of his life that he reveals to few.

Silvestre (wild): undomesticated, spontaneously born; title of a film by João César Monteiro; name of the character in Rúben Gonçalves’ new film. Between two nights and two dawns (and two fights), a boy floats in a wind of affections in search of his place. Always reserved and precarious, he reflects the life of a group of friends and a time that passes: “Tomorrow all this will seem very far away”. (Ricardo Vieira Lisboa)

Director's Bio

Rúben Gonçalves was born in 1991. He works as a screenwriter, script supervisor, and editor. He directed the documentary feature Childhood, Boyhood, Youth (2018).