Shiva Baby

Emma Seligman

IndieLisboa 2021 •

USA, Fiction, 2020, 77′

Shiva is a weeklong period of mourning for the Jewish religion and also an opportunity to honor those who have passed away as well as their family. This acerbic comedy puts a young Jewish woman in the thankless position of having to face the most claustrophobic shiva possible, where she finds herself confronted with an ex-girlfriend, a secret sugar daddy and multiple snooping relatives.

What can go wrong when your life is a mess and you call your lover sugar daddy? Everything. Especially if you're at a funeral with your family and that daddy shows up. What if your childhood best friend is still in love with you? And she’s also at that same funeral? These are some ingredients of this comedy written and directed by Emma Seligman, a Jewish woman who decided to transform her 2018 short film into her feature debut. Seligman sought in her own life experiences the material for this film, which reveals an artist with a present body of work, without taboos or fears. The dialogues are disarmingly constructed, and the narrative situations vary between the absurd and the realistic, but always in an uncomfortable tone. A film to be seen mandatorily. (Miguel Valverde)