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Rita Macedo

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Portugal, Germany, Documentary, Experimental, 2020, 19′

Rita Macedo (Implausible Things; This Particular Nowhere – IndieLisboa 2014 and 2015) lived in the nineties in Macau with her family. With a reflexive look, the filmmaker unites her memory and History. Both moments of the same finitude and transformation.

It could be said that Rita Macedo’s new film collides with her previous work. In fact, the confessional voice over and the use of images from home films belong to an essayistic intimacy that was unprecedented in her films. Nevertheless, her view remains intact: the fusion of ideas in the cosmic continuity of a discourse that is both purely factual (scientific even) and purely subjective (and memorialist). Where the ontology of thought was once questioned, now is the issue of writing history (and stories) that she examines. (Ricardo Vieira Lisboa)