Bernardo De Jeurissen

IndieLisboa 2021 •

France, Fiction, 2021, 12′

Two older classmates take advantage of a P. E class to try, with younger students, a game that will teach them a lesson: “split up along a field, stay within the lines of your individual territories and see what happens”.

Miss Arly, Physical Education teacher is absent. Amelia, who wants to be a journalist and Ellie, a fan of action movies, decide to teach Miss Arly's class in her absence by doing an experiment. Romy is a young girl in this class who arrives late. She's a bit of a nerd, kind and shy. She is about to participate in a geopolitical experiment conducted by two 13-year-old girls. (Rui Mendes)

Director's Bio

Bernardo De Jeurissen is a young Franco-Portuguese director who has always been fascinated with filming the extraordinary in the real world. He directed and interpreted Ocelot, a film about the music industry in France. He is a multilingual artist who has lived in Portugal, France and England, an experience that gave his films an eclectic style. He often deals with social issues of precariousness, as in the film Salve that he directed, with Rod Paradot's (César 2016) participation.