Return to Toyama

Atsushi Hirai

IndieLisboa 2021 •

France, Fiction, 2020, 25′

Takumi left Toyama, on the coast of Japan, some time ago. He returns after the death of his father, who never wanted him to leave. He now visits the places and relationships he left behind, with the melancholy of someone who looks differently at what was once familiar.

Takumi's return to his native Toyama, on the northern coast of Japan, triggers a series of memories from a past he no longer sees. It is not so much the village that is different, but himself. In Toyama time has changed, but the rhythm remains intact as if still populated by the departed people, from the land and the world. The film follows the character's wanderings that cross us, from afar, with people we don't even get to know. (Margarida Moz)