Francisco Janes

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Portugal, Documentary, Experimental, 2019, 18′

In Serra do Açor, Rafael Toral’s family works on the land. In particular, a task of renovation, after a devastating fire. Regada is an experience of immersion in the elements, everything lived through the senses, in a sonorous and visual landscape. 

Water, fire, earth, air, green, brown, slug, dog, night, light. Francisco Janes’ work, marked by North American experimental cinema (he studied at CalArts), evokes the here and now of Peter Hutton’s landscape, the daily pictorialism of Nathaniel Dorsky and Paul Clipson’s natural symphonies. The result is an ode to the textures of nature (and digital medium), in a friendly confrontation with the abstractions of purely cinematic gaze. “Regada” crystallizes Janes’ intermediate path in the lyricism of labor and in the elements’ hypnotic becoming. (Ricardo Vieira Lisboa)