Vytautas Katkus

IndieLisboa 2021 •

Lithuania, Fiction, 2020, 13′

The camera wanders into a park and surrounding residential area. Changes and new construction works are coming, but for today, two friends take one last intimate walk where they expand time, avoiding parting.

With passages reminiscent of Antonioni's Blow Up, Places shows a camera always in motion, following several characters who find themselves in a certain space, and it focuses on an anxious man, who tries to say goodbye to a friend. All the ambiguity in this fragmented conversation, as well as the narrative and the shots, lead the viewer to use his imagination. The camera goes to the most secluded place to come out inside a basketball court, where two kids play and seem to cross paths with the two adults, but at different times. A new wave of filmmakers seems to emerge from Lithuania with stories to tell, combined with a very strong formal and aesthetic sense. And Katkus thrives in this universe. (Miguel Valverde)