Alexe Poukine

IndieLisboa 2021 •

France, Belgium, Fiction, 2020, 40′

Jeanne went with her six-year-old daughter to Majorca because it was cheap. And also to give her daughter something interesting to write about on the schoolwork about her vacation. But frustrations arise that bring this mother closer to her breaking point.

The desire to escape turns into a desperate stay for a mother who leaves for Palma de Mallorca for a weekend, with her six-year-old daughter. Alexe Poukine develops the psychological, social and financial panorama of this duo, based on small and subtle elements. The humanity of the encounters, the child's intractability, the need for silence and the crumbling of a utopian journey make Palma a touching and emotionally complex film, where irritation and wonder stick to the skin (like sand). (Ricardo Vieira Lisboa)