Os Últimos Românticos do Mundo

Henrique Arruda

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Brazil, Fiction, 2020, 23′

We are in 2050. The world is hours away from its ending, coming in the form of a cotton candy pink cloud. The order for everyone is: love yourselves. Because those who got lucky got lucky, and in heaven there is no more fooling around. 

A pink cloud is approaching and it will be the end of the world! After all, it looks like the virus was released ahead of time. This futuristic queer fable, lived in two narrative times with little defined contours, allows us to discover a beautiful love story, which could have been lived by Thelma and Louise. The pink aesthetic is reflected in the scenarios, in the costume design and in the flamboyant filters, and alludes to many references of 80’s video clips and games. Discovered in the last Tiradentes Festival, Arruda’s epic adventure, which is a good virus, risks contaminating many people. (Miguel Valverde)