Flávio Gonçalves

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Portugal, Fiction, 2020, 28′

Paulo works in a bar and when his shift is over he wonders through the Lisbon night. Between a romantic and desolate tone, Flávio Gonçalves films in the poetry of the night. A poetry made of encounters, ferocious lights and bodies that love and fear.

Flávio Gonçalves’ beautiful and inspired return to behind the camera is made in the night-time continuity and in the (mis)match of male bodies. Paulo sends home his last customer at the bar and goes meet the boy of the intense gaze. The seeking carries on and the nocturnal lights of Lisbon do not let him down. Is this the time that love, pleasure and peacefulness finally align? A short film in multiple rounds, with a winning result. (Ana David)