Ney under the skin

Felipe Nepomuceno

IndieLisboa 2021 •

Brazil, Documentary, 2020, 73′

Anthological documentary that traces the impact of the music, performances and ideas by Brazilian singer Ney Matogrosso, from the second half of the twentieth century, through archival footage of his concerts and interviews over the decades.

The impact of Ney Matogrosso's performances on his audience and the reverberation of that impact on Brazilian culture, from the 70's (Secos e Molhados) to the present, Ney à Flor da Pele is an audiovisual anthology, all composed of archival images. Singer, composer, dancer, actor and director, Nay Matogrosso is considered one of the most important and productive Brazilian interpreters in the artistic scene. One of the main precursors of androgyny as an art aesthetic, in defense of freedom and for breaking taboos related to gender and sexuality issues, Ney ends up influencing a whole generation of artists. In one of the statements during the film, Ney says: “I was born a transgressor and I will die a transgressor. I am aware of the exercise of freedom and I will die defending freedom until the end. I am a free man. We are free beings and we have to reaffirm this all the time. What makes me relieved is that, in parallel with the conservatism that exists today, there has been a movement for freedom, a very strong resistance towards these straight and cowardly people”. (Helena César)