L’ Hôpital de Léningrad

Sarah Maldoror

IndieLisboa 2021 •

France, Fiction, 1982, 59′

A story of political imprisonment set in a mental hospital where the Stalin state police placed whoever their opponents were. The narrative is true to the original text, a short story by the Russian writer Victor Serge. In this film, Maldoror directs Roger Blin, Rüdiger Vogler and Anne Wiazemsky. The jazz soundtrack is by Jean-Yves Bosseur and Jean-Louis Chautemps.

Director's Bio

After studying theatre and creating the first Black troupe in Paris, Les Griots, Sarah Maldoror studied cinema in Moscow. Her sharp body of work, which consists of 46 films, is the reflection of a bold warrior who is curious, generous, irreverent and who looks out for others, taking poetics beyond every boundary. An outspoken rebel and a resolute humanist, Sarah Maldoror celebrated the engagement of the artist and art as an act of freedom.