Klingert’s Diving Suit

Artur Wyrzykowski

IndieLisboa 2022 •

Poland, Estonia, Animation, 2021, 19′

After her younger brother is the victim of a flood, Bea can’t look at the water as anything other than a source of fear. Her father uses his ingenuity to try to create something important. Father and daughter have different reactions to loss, but they will have to overcome it together.

Bea has been afraid of water ever since her little brother was taken by the flood. Her father, Karl Klingert, has completely devoted himself to creating the world’s first atmospheric diving suit. Soon, the suit will be presented to the public for the first time. If it goes well, Klingert will win a grant and move with his family to England. Bea thinks her brother is playing hide-and-seek and so will never find them if they leave. She believes the diving suit is a monster that has possessed her father. With the help of a new friend – Peter, a young scamp from the riverside – Bea tries to destroy the monster before her family leaves the city of Wrocław forever.