Matías Piñeiro

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Argentina, France, Fiction, 2020, 78′

Similarly to Éric Rohmer, who always liked to organise his films through series, Piñeiro has also been doing what he calls the “Shakespeareads”. Films that adapt comedies by the English dramaturg to the relationships of a contemporary youth generation.  Here the play is Measure for Measure and in its centre is a precise mosaic, of a nonlinear temporality, in which the professional and personal choices of the actress Mariel (María Villar) are being equated. 

Piñeiro’s films are like himself: sober, elegant, distinct and special. Isabella, named after a Shakespearean character, is the aspiration of Mariel who wants to represent her but finds it difficult to concentrate due to financial problems. The film is never simple in its construction and the viewer is invited to unravel the countless possibilities of narrative that each scene gives us. So, who looks at what, as in the magnificent opening where we see a person at the bottom of a small pier and we will review this shot often and in different ways. In Piñeiro’s cinema, the characters take the pain of those who they want to play as if life is nothing more than an acting game, which means a fine and critical thinking about contemporary society. It is not a coincidence that he takes advantage of the Shakespearean universe of great themes to establish a common universal point, and then he is free to speak about what interests him. Its great power is to make things simple and meaningful. (Miguel Valverde)