I’m Full of It!

Paulo Antunes

IndieLisboa 2021 •

Portugal, Documentary, 2021, 69′

The Portuguese punk scene portrayed in a documentary focused on João Pedro Almendra, former vocalist of the band Peste & Sida. In addition to testimonials from his companions and other bands, the film focuses on the Lisbon neighborhood of Alvalade, where Almendra has always lived and which was the territory of national punk bands such as Ku de Judas, Peste & Sida and Censurados.

Punk runs through the veins of the Alvalade neighborhood. Paulo Antunes continues his mapping of the neighborhood and its characters that are part of the history of Portuguese music. After João Ribas, now it’s the time of João Pedro Almendra. In 2019 Manoel de Oliveira room in cinema São Jorge was bursting at the seams with Um Punk Chamado Ribas. The same effect is expected with Já Estou Farto!, a film about the life of João Pedro Almendra, stage animal, born performer and charismatic vocalist, founder of Kú de Judas and Peste & Sida and who was also in the genesis of Censurados, having then formed PunkSinatra and collaborated on numerous projects. Paulo Antunes has greater control over the film, works the archive better and gives us a live portrait of Almendra, who was said to be the craziest of all the punks in Alvalade. (Carlos Ramos)