If I Were the Winter Itself

Jazmín López

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Argentina, Fiction, 2020, 92′

What does it mean to (still) believe in the revolutionary power of cinema? Four friends get together in a countryside estate to recreate parts of political iconic works like Godard’s La Chinoise (1967) or Faroccki’s Nicht löschbares Feuer (1969). After Leones (Indielisboa 2013), her first feature, Jazmín López elliptic style is back. We never know where the sound comes from or where the camera will go. Rui Poças is the director of photography. 

Considered one of the most promising voices in Argentina, Jazmín López (director of the incredible Leones shown in competition at IndieLisboa 2013) returns with this film in which four friends gather in a country house to reenact three iconic revolutionary works from the end of the 60’s: Godard’s La chinoise, Farocki’s Inextinguishable Fire and the performance that resulted in a series of photographs, Untitled (Facial Hair Transplants) by Ana Mendieta. What could be a rational work here is an inventive and full of life film (conversations run over and let themselves slide between interpretation and reinterpretation), invoking the inspiring power of music that underlines what cannot be forgotten, calling for long travellings through the rooms of the house and its exterior, will a brilliant cinematography signed by Rui Poças) giving it monumentality. (Miguel Valverde)