Granary Squares

Gonçalo Lamas

IndieLisboa 2021 •

United Kingdom, Portugal, Documentary, Experimental, 2021, 64′

In Granary Squares, our perspective is that of the surveillance camera over a new development in King’s Cross, London. Over the course of an hour, we get closer through this lens to a series of everyday moments lived in the square, in a zoom that keeps narrowing down.

Looking at a city square and feeling its movement, people passing by, small gestures that change, or even a small swarming of insects is what Gonçalo Lamas' camera does, in this auspicious debut feature film. We are summoned as spectators to a time that we still remember, when there were many people on the streets who related to each other. The time before masks. And so, this camera roams and looks like a zombie, always looking for a focus. It is precisely here that this work shows its more experimental form, taking us on a journey into the interior of our thinking and our imagination. It's worth everything I think, it's worth everything I see, it's worth everything I feel. (Miguel Valverde)

Director's Bio

Gonçalo Lamas is an artist and writer born in Porto, Portugal. His most recent project is a performance titled Boeing Nº 737-800 in F#m, presented at Culturgest Porto, in 2020. An accompanying publication was launched internationally at the 6th Artist Self-Publishers’ Fair, in London. In 2022, SPAM Press will edit some times, zero hours, his first poetry pamphlet in English. Granary Squares is his first work for the big screen.