Gimme Shelter

Albert Maysles, Charlotte Zwerin, David Maysles

IndieLisboa 2020 •

United States, Documentary, 1970, 91′

The classic Direct Cinema musical documentary Gimme Shelter is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Considered one of the best rock films of all time, it chronicles the last weeks of The Rolling Stones US tour in 1969. With special focus on the tragic incidents that led to the death of a fan at the hands of Hell’s Angels, responsible for the security of the famous Altamont concert.

A retrospective look at the year 1969 shows how it was remarkable in world history. For the first time a human being stepped on the moon, the Woodstock festival took place and it was the year when the internet is considered to have been born. December 6 of the same year was marked by another event, the Altamont festival at the end of the American tour of The Rolling Stones, which brought together about 300 thousand people. It is said that the 60’s dream died here. Santana, Jefferson Airplane, The Flying Burrito Brothers and the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young also played at this festival. This was the so called Woodstock West. There are several myths about what happened. The Stones hired the Hell’s Angels for the security of the festival. But things rushed in and the violence took the place of peace and love, culminating in the death by stabbing of Meredith Hunter, a moment captured by the documentary cameras and later used as evidence. Gimme Shelter is the film of these events, considered by many to be the best rock film of all time, shown here as part of the celebration of its 50th anniversary. (Carlos Ramos)