Further Radical

Stefano Canapa

IndieLisboa 2020 •

France, Animation, Experimental, 2020, 7′

Literal symbolism. In Canapa’s hands, the roots of cinema become slices of black radish on unexposed film. Sonorous explosions of light piercing the photochemical emulsion, a journey to the end of material, the optical unconscious of a cosmological epic.

Cinema as an experience able to throw us in a trance. A trance as close to the materiality of cinema as possible. Following “A Radical Film” (2017), Stefano Canapa experiments again with black radish on unexposed film to fabricate a sonic and visual symphony of galvanizing intensity. As the film explodes in our faces in black and white and violently morphs untamable patterns into others, one wonders what kind of cosmic body one is being pulled into, if a lunar surface or a black hole. Or is it the cinema screen? (Ana David)