Gonçalo Robalo, Rita Figueiredo

IndieLisboa 2021 •

Portugal, Experimental, Fiction, 2021, 13′

Hands searching the green moss, feet treading dead and crunchy logs, stones turned in search of hidden treasures, a frog nudged until it runs away. This is Dobra’s visual and aural universe, but the door opens for something darker to enter.

A four-hand film, a gentle film on hands which shakes and stirs, touches the earth, the branches, the rocks. A film on relations as a filmmaker game of hide-and-seek. A vegetal film, natural, of holes and hideouts, of body and landscape on the hand’s lines, a labyrinth pathed by branches, the nature ready to bind us. Atmospheric, subtle, it is re-amazed by the night, letting itself go with the mysteries that echo and merge into a body of secrets (Carlota Gonçalves)

Director's Bio

Gonçalo Robalo is a filmmaker. Three of his films have been shown in IndieLisboa: Milk (2011), Within Walls (2013) and The Dead (2018), which won the award for Best Short Film in National Competition.

Rita Figueiredo's short films have been selected to international film festivals, such as Vila do Conde Short Film Festival, IndieLisboa, IFFR-Rotterdam, Oberhausen among others.