Ella i jo

Jaume Claret Muxart

IndieLisboa 2021 •

Spain, Documentary, 2020, 20′

Queralt, the mother, and Gemma, the daughter, paint in their respective spaces. One in Barcelona, the other in Athens, the distance between them is more than just geographical. Queralt’s calls are the conduit through the 20 minutes of quotidian moments.

A film in dialogue between two generations of fine artists, but in which silence is golden. Jaume Muxart films his grandmother and aunt who live in different countries and communicate in their own way. It's an artists' house and you may feel the director is like a fish in the water because we see every gesture, every breath, every look, as if we were in his place. It is the space of shared intimacy and understanding of the world through art. So we want to crack a slice of that cake at the end as if that slice belonged to us. A filmmaker to follow very closely. (Miguel Valverde)