Dácio Pinheiro, Denis Giacobelis, Paulo Beto

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Brasil, Documentary, 2019, 79′

Unlike samba or bossanova, Brazilian electronic music has not been gathering too much attention cinemawise. This documentary tries to fill that gap, tracing an historical path that starts with the pioneer experiments of Jocy de Oliveira and Jorge Antunes in the 60’s and goes until today, with the work of musicians like Alexx kidd or Savio Lopes. The film also features the music of some important electronic artists like Anvil FX, Loop B. or Apollo Nove.

In the 1960s, Jocy de Oliveira and Jorge Antunes had their first experiences in the world of electronic music in Brazil. The two pioneers could not imagine the influence that their compositions would cause in future generations. Over the decades, electronic music became popular and became a lifestyle and a state of mind. While musicians dominate as constantly evolving technologies, they also reflect on the relationship between human and machine. (Mickael Gaspar)