Echoe of a punch on the bone

Gabriela Giffoni

IndieLisboa 2021 •

Portugal, Documentary, Fiction, 2021, 26′

A film divided into two moments. First, a dinner provides space for friends to share stories of being an immigrant in Lisbon, ending with Nina regretting her return to her country of origin for a job. Consequently, an unwanted answer to that lament becomes a nightmare.

A group of Brazilian friends talk spiritedly about episodes of theft and deceit. The empathetic quality of their testimonies is interrupted by a sudden dramatization: raising their voices, the actors look at the camera, under unnatural lighting. A desire for visibility inspires Gabriela Giffoni to develop these characters and, later, one of their tales. The film is turned around, joyfulness turns into despair and we travel from an interior to an exterior space, shifting from stillness to turmoil. Reality and artifice coexist in a mimetic game where the Other and their fables are staged. (Ricardo Vieira Lisboa)

Director's Bio

Scriptwriter, performer and filmmaker.