Easter Eggs

Nicolas Keppens

IndieLisboa 2021 •

Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Animation, 2020, 14′

Jason and Kevin are two friends with a relationship in dire straits. Jason wants to go parrot hunting in order to sell the birds and buy a bicycle. Kevin wants him to shut up. The search for the birds ends up triggering a confrontation, where tenderness and violence mix.

Jason and Kevin are friends. Kevin is older than Jason and since Kevin got a few hairs under his nose, which some would call a moustache, they began to drift apart. Kevin no longer cares for the "childish" things that still amuse Jason. In the meantime, they heard that Mr. Ping has disappeared and left his exotic birds behind. If they could find them, maybe they could sell them in order to buy a mountain bike with suspension. In an attempt to rekindle their friendship, they go to the now vacant Ping Palace looking for one last adventure together. (Rui Mendes)