Death Will Come and Shall Have Your Eyes

José Luis Torres Lleiva

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Chile, Germany, Argentina, Fiction, 2019, 90′

What will happen when we know we’re going to die? Will light change? Will birds sing more intensely? Death comes to inhabit the relationship of two women, together for a long time. One is terminally ill, the other will stay and should nurse. The days go by in an atmosphere of goodbye. In a small house in the woods the love of the couple remains, their talks, the touch of their bodies, memory. But, inexorably, despair is digging deep in close up faces.

Two real women, two faces, a kiss, a hug. This demonstration of absolute love throws Torres Lleiva’s film into a torrent of emotions. We perceive a constant mal à l’aise that contaminates the relationship but we don’t know why. We are invited into the middle of a relationship as confidants. From this moment on, we realize that it was a disease that installed a “thing” that kills and will not disappear. And this is where everything adjusts, with advances and setbacks, as is typical of uncertainty. There are very few films that create knots that do not untie, but with tenderness allow any glimpse to be a lifeline. And that is why the film includes stories from other times that help us to understand its present. Lleiva’s is full of faces and exhausted bodies, showing that even in pain it is possible to show sensuality. Vendrá la muerte and tendrá tus ojos is one of those films where you feel like staying for all eternity. (Miguel Valverde)