Chaos and Affinity

Pedro Gonçalves

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Portugal, Documentary, 2020, 82′

This is a travel through the improvised music in Portugal, in particular Lisbon, with focus on the now closed bar Irreal. Based on interviews and filmed concerts with artists like Gabriel Ferrandini, Adriana Sá and Lantana, Chaos and Affinity shows us a cultural reality not well known. And also, a group of artists and venues where this improvised music takes place. Pedro Gonçalves directs his first feature film.

One of the strengths of Pedro Gonçalves’ documentary is its contemporaneity. Most documentaries about music focus mainly on bands, artists or movements that no longer exist or whose golden moment occurred in the past. Chaos and Affinity tells us about the here and now. A portrait of improvised Portuguese music, with a greater emphasis on Lisbon and with an epicenter in the, ironically extinct, bar Irreal. Pedro gathers a group of incredible musicians, rescuing them from their invisibility through concerts and interviews. An object for future memory in what is his first and promising film. (Carlos Ramos)