Blindman’s Buff

Tomás Paula Marques

IndieLisboa 2021 •

Portugal, Fiction, 2021, 16′

An investigation regarding vulnerability and security, challenge and resistance, as well as the figures that still haunt the city streets.

Set almost entirely at night, that territory of both liberation and oppression, Tomás Paula Marques' first professional short film moves forward, with renewed formal and narrative audacity, into another territory that their cinema knows well: bullying and prejudice. The protection of those who are close to us, whether family or friends, from the obscurantism of others, remains as necessary as ever. There will always be those who resist, shepherd or filmmaker. The Blindman’s Buff is resistance, overcoming, and above all, cinema. (Ana David)

Director's Bio

Born in Porto (Portugal) in 1994, Tomás Paula Marques studied Directing in Lisbon Theatre and Film School. Their first short film Sem Armas premiered in IndieLisboa 2016 and their graduation film Em Caso de Fogo (2019) has been travelling internationally, having won the Orona Prize in San Sebastián International Film Festival. Since then, Paula Marques postgraduated in Sociology and is currently developing a master's project at Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola.