Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Art of Bodybuilding

Babeth M. VanLoo

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Netherlands, United States, Documentary, Experimental, 2020, 8′

VanLoo filmed Schwarzenegger in the 1970’s in a bodybuilding contest. The original 16mm material was used in an art installation that is now lost. The images remained, with the poses, no sound, and the human living sculpture gaining a new power with the passing of time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Art of Bodybuilding consists of unseen images shot in 16mm by Babeth van Loo during the Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding contest in 1976. It’s a reflection on the relation of the physical body and art. Arnold sculpts his own body to match the ideals of the male body imagined by the renaissance artists, therefore he becomes art himself. Unfiltered but carefully sculpted art to be something as ephemeral as it is eternal. (Rui Mendes)