Ismail Bahri

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Tunisia, France, Documentary, Experimental, 2019, 3′

To see with one’s hands. A picture was taken by someone on the day of Tunisia’s independence, in 1956. Awarded at Rotterdam, this film shows us that image, opaque in the light, but revealed, piece by piece, by the choreography and movement of the hands.

A film that unfolds through the magical and exploratory touch of the image as a piece, where hands become living shadows, revealing more image that is also memory, allowing us to discover human figures and advancing back in time. Permeable image, transparent, highly sensitive to gesture; a gesture that will create the intimacy of a brief, delicate and singularly haptic moment: “To touch is to see”, as Ismaïl Bahri tells us. (Carlota Gonçalves)